My out of school activities

During out of school hours, I do dance, piano, swimming and maths tutoring. These activities are very enjoyable as they challenge me at the same time as being fun. I decided to do a post about them as this weeks blog topic is community and one of the tasks is to share your out of school activities. I do them all on seperate days but I do three dance classes on Saturdays. They all require practise as I might lose skill or forget something.

My dream for once I finish school

Currently, we are studying tsunamis and earthquakes in class. This topic has been very enjoyable and fits inside the job of a Geologist, Geologists also focus on rocks, fossils, more natural disasters and aspects of the earth. I have been very unsure of what occupation I would like to have but now I know that a Geologist is a possible idea of what I would like to be.

Me as the principal and teacher

If I had the role of the school principal for a week, I would organise regular meetings with teachers to discuss what needs to stay the same and what needs to change throughout the school.

If I were a teacher, I would set less homework and make sure every student is putting as much effort into their learning as they can.

My poem and comment examples

Flowers blossom beneath the trees

And are visited by the bees

They collected the pollen one by one

And turn it into honey, oh what fun!



Us humans buy the delightful treat

And add it onto toast so it’s nice and sweet

Well i’m afraid it’s time to stop

As I must fly like some birds in a flock


Comment examples:

Dear Anesha,

I value how you included how honey is made within your poem. I wonder if you could write a bit more, well done! From…….


Dear Anesha,

Your interesting poem made me think about how we rely on bees to make honey, it also got me thinking about butterflies and how they land on flowers to eat the nectar, great job! From……..


Dear Anesha,

I can relate to this post as I enjoy honey on toast and have seen bees land upon flowers, to improve this post, you could add information on bee hives, good job! From………


Dear Anesha,

I appreciate your creative poem and unique idea to base it on, another thing to consider is writing a paragraph underneath your poem including more of a description, excellent work! From……..


Dear Anesha,

Your form of writing (a poem) was very enjoyable to read as it was different and intriguing, good job! From……….



I have truly enjoyed this weeks commenting because when the author of the blog reads the comment, it hopefully brings a smile to their face.

The annoying thing about commenting is you can’t delete or edit a comment if you forget to mention something.

I have found interesting posts to comment on through the flipboard, blogs that have a blogroll and people that have commented on my blog.

I have received several comments but some are quality comments and some aren’t due to it not being proofread and edited, below are some great comment starters.

I value…

I wonder if…

Your post was very interesting because…

This post informed me about…



Visiting Blogs from the Flipboard

For part two of the challenge visiting blogs, I visited the following three blogs that were in the flipboard.

I chose these posts as I wanted to find out how bad junk food really is, Marianne Ella’s nationality and what candy America provides.

Below are the comments I left.

Dear Anisha,
I value your amazing post as it gave me a deeper understanding of how bad junk food really is. I agree, I certainly don’t recommend eating it all the time but it is ok for a sometimes food, excellent work! From, Anesha.


Dear Gabby,
I value your lovely post as it gives the reader information on what types of candy you can find in the country America, well done! From, Anesha.


I cannot add the comment I posted from the next blog as It is currently waiting for approval.


Visiting blogs

For this weeks challenge, I visited blogs that led me to the following ones down below, I also commented on their recent posts.

My New Dog Named Eva


What to pack for the apocolypse




Dear Audreyi,
I value your excellent blog post about your lovely dog as it provides a lot of information on her personality, well done! From Anesha


Dear Kaan,
Your creative post is very informative and clearly explains what to pack when a zombie apocalypse strikes, well done!
From, Anesha.

Dear Xavier,
I value your descriptive post about basketball, I do not watch basketball games and don’t have a favourite player but i’m sure the sport is great and fun to watch, great job! From, Anesha.


I chose these posts as they were all very interesting and the most recent on their blogs, Unfortunately, I forgot to add my blog URL.

The dance disaster

One of my passions is dance. I do it once a week and have gigantically improved since when I first started. This story displays me and my confidence on stage and if something goes wrong, I problem solve.

My body filled with nerves as I approached the stage, for our dance was only a moment away. I brushed off my costume so it was clean and pristine then lined up ready to walk on. The dancers slowly walked off the big stage and stood behind the wings, it was our turn.

We dramatically walked on as the crowed stood silent, waiting for the performance to begin. We stood in position, the loud music played and we struck our best smile. As I danced, I felt a sigh of relief, I was doing great! Until, I tripped over! My cheeks turned a bright red colour but I had to pick myself up, no matter how embarrassed I was, I had to persist. I quickly stood up, forgetting about what happened and fortunately, nobody saw!


I encourage you to visit these blog. The blog posts are similar to mine as they relate to sport.


Glorious Girls On The Run


Week 5 Challenge – Eddie, Set, Go!




Mrs Smith’s post

Recently for the Student Blog Challenge Guest Posts task, I visited Mrs Smith’s blog and read her post on preparing for a zombie apocalypse. I found this post highly interesting and I suggest going to have a look at it, here is the link.

I also left a comment which displayed how much I value her post and what I learnt from it, here is what I wrote.

Dear Mrs Smith,
I value your creative idea to post a video on what to do in a zombie apocalypse, even though this scenario might not happen, it teaches children the importance on being prepared for an emergency that might unexpectedly strike. I have learnt a lot from your informative post, thank you! Here is the link to my blog.
From, Anesha.