My narrative paragraph

Hailey’s Bad Luck

Today was not Hailey’s lucky day, she shattered a mirror, ran under a ladder and opened up her umbrella inside! She was a bad fortune cookie and her only chance to have good luck was to find a four leaf clover. She was like a detective when she was on the hunt for that clover and she looked high and low until her mother politely yelled for her to come inside. She smelt the lovely aroma of the garden one last time before going inside but then she stepped on something, it was a four leaf clover! The clover was screaming at her so she picked it up and yelled yay, yay, yay! Then she rushed indoors to spread the good news. She could see the good luck coming around the corner already!

My Poem

This is a rainbow in the sky

That is very, very high

At the end, it will hold

A very large pot of gold

It only comes after rain

And is held in a lane

This really is one in the sky

This really is one, not a lie







Using Widgets

The widgets I have added to my blog are recent comments, recent posts and class blogs. I chose these three widgets as I can quickly access my newest posts, see comments made on my blog and see other class members blogs If in need of clarification for set tasks.

My Avatar

My avatar looks similar to me as it has the same coloured eyes, hair and skin, the only difference is that she has curly hair. She has a happy, cheerful and kind personality and is typically me because she has the same qualities that I have, looks similar to me and has blue as her favourite colour.Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 1.35.57 AM

Creative Commons

5072866586 I have learnt that some  images from google are copyright and that it is allowable for you to publicly post Images and music as long as they are listed as Creative Commons. I have also learnt that the website ‘Photos For Class’ provide the bibliographic  information for a photo of your choice from their website. The bibliographic information will already be inserted on the picture just like it has been on the photo above. If you do not go through this process and chose to not use a creative commons photo you will have to create your own bibliographic citation.

About Me

  • My name starts with the letter A
  •  I love books
  • I can dance
  •  I love the environment
  • I believe that the the phrase ‘Don’t Litter’ should be recognised more in the future and hopefully very soon.
  • I also think that art galleries are very interesting.
  • I am very happy
  • I am Intelligent
  • I like jokes
  • I am keen to learn
  • I enjoy making things
  • I am nice
  • I am optimistic
  • I am persistant
  • I like to ask questions
  • I am responsible
  • I like to silent read
  • I am not very good with technology
  • I am unique
  • I used to play violin 3 years ago
  • I like watermelon
  • I’m not very familiar with playing the xylophone
  • I think mangoes are yummy
  • I like zebras and dogs